Hello, I'm Cindy, an interaction designer and illustrator from Amsterdam, living in Zurich. I like to work conceptually, tell stories that encourage curiosity, and keep an open mind.


Studied Visual Arts and Design in Groningen (NL). Subsequently worked for various well-known design agencies in Amsterdam. As a freelance designer and illustrator she continued to work on different assignments and taught at Mediacollege Amsterdam. Until the love for mountaineering led her to Switzerland.

In Zurich she deepened her knowledge in the area of user interface and user experience design. She worked on a wide variety of projects from book design to Swiss television. Until starting at Zeix in September 2021, Cindy was the design lead in an industrial startup with machine learning services.

In addition to mountaineering, she enjoys drawing comics and is a passionate speed skater.

Design used to be fairly straightforward, but the field keeps growing as do new technologies. As eco systems grow, so does the complexity. The basics though are still the same: to combine elements into something new, like alchemy. For me the most important elements of good design are: curiosity, research, distinction, purpose, end user, and sustainability. It’s fun to be a design alchemist, with all new possibilities and explorations.


Resume  summary

2021/09 Interaction designer at Zeix (currently)
2020/01 Comic Homozapienz (published)
2018/09 Part time external visual designer, Cytosurge
2017/09 UI/UX Designer at Imnoo (start-up)
2017/09 Insta-Reporter for Impact Hub Zurich in September
2017/07 Hubonaut at Impact Hub Zurich
2016/07 Interaction designer at Raymann Design (6-month project for SRG SSR)
2014/04 Responsive web design and HTML/CSS course
2010/09 Change of residence from Amsterdam to Zurich
2009/07 Beginners’ mountaineering course
2007/06 Part time teacher Web Design, Mediacollege Amsterdam
2007/01 Freelance interaction designer, Amsterdam
2003/10 Graphic designer at Claessens Erdmann, Amsterdam
1999/09 Graphic designer at Edenspiekermann, Amsterdam
1997/12 Graphic designer at De Weijer Design BNO, Baarn
1994/09 Art Academy Minerva, Groningen, B.A. 1997
1990/09 University of Applied Sciences Windesheim, Zwolle, B.Ed. 1994