Logical structure, good design, user-friendly guidance, these have been her tasks. Cindy strengthened our team with her know-how in the area of UI/UX design. She landed with us over several exciting intermediate stops and has supported us in making Industry 4.0 a reality.

Imnoo creates AI-based Quoting-software for on-demand manufacturers.

3D Visualization

Marvin analyzes 3D-files and drawings in order find out how long it will take to produce CNC components.


In the archive a user can see the components that have already been calculated or manufactured.

Annual Report 3 spreads

Comparing components can also help the user to estimate the machining times.

Annual Report 3 spreads

Imnoo Website

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Imnoo Blog

Annual Report 3 spreads

In the meantime, Cindy also created a lot of illustrations to support Imnoo's online presence.

Annual Report 3 spreads

4th Advent

Role Design Lead
For Imnoo AG
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