Logical structure, good design, user-friendly guidance, these have been her tasks. Cindy strengthened our team with her know-how in the area of UI/UX design. She landed with us over several exciting intermediate stops and has supported us in making Industry 4.0 a reality.

Imnoo creates AI-based Quoting-software for on-demand manufacturers.

3D Visualization

Marvin analyzes 3D-files and drawings in order find out how long it will take to produce CNC components.


In the archive a user can see the components that have already been calculated or manufactured.

Comparing Components

Comparing components can also help the user to estimate the machining times.


Imnoo Website

Imnoo Blog

Imnoo Blog

Annual Report 3 spreads

Additional icons, created for this specific industry.

Role Design Lead, UX/UI Designer, Illustrator
For Imnoo AG
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