Impact Hub Zurich

Scenes from Impact Hub Zürich … in September 2017 through the eyes of @graphic_funk

Illustration 1

Zurich Instagram Influencer Meetup — I should join this Meetup. I wanted to make some quick pictures for this post. Ended up drawing them, which took me more than an hour. Not instant. But it will stand out, and it brings the creativity in creating.

Illustration 2

Impact Markt — I could live here: coffee in many forms, fair fashion, tacos, gift boxes, upcycled bags, awesome workshops, many sustainable / creative / collaborating projects — all in one market, with a party from 6 pm on! Already wishing it would never end.

Illustration 3

Taking the elevator. Should take the stairs though, for exercise. Still, I need to change my ways so now and then. It helps to ignite ideas. Something coming up already.

Illustration 4

A Bonobo song is playing. It mixes nicely with background chatter. But everything disappears as soon as I notice the spots on the bananas. They sure make a nice graphic. Yes, I love those niceties. They alienate the obvious and spark my curiosity and creativity.

Illustration 5

Painstaking repetitive work. I came up with this creative idea, then had to work it out by doing the same gesture over and over again. It could be meditative, but I’m not feeling it yet. The end is not near, but with the outcome in mind I’ll go on. First I’m getting a coffee and may end up chatting with someone :-)

Illustration 6

Taking the stairs, but my mind is not. My thoughts ramble, and the movement of resting one foot on a step and then the other, makes my mind wander off even more. So that’s where the banister comes in handy.

Illustration 7

Now that I have a chance to do something really creative, a new design challenge, I’m almost breaking apart finding ideas. On the 5th floor there’s a quiet zone, so I won’t find any excuses for distraction there. It’s just me and my thoughts — derailing from what I should be thinking of…

Illustration 8

Viadukt is where it all started, for Zurich anyway. Innovative projects, teaming up with likeminded people, lots of presentations and talks have been held here, with more to come. So much inspiration. Or, you can hide behind your computer and get some actual work done.

Illustration 9

Feeling home at work is spreading everything out on a table in the center of a café, using your laptop as a paper stand, and no matter the background noise, being totally focused on your work. Nothing can stop me now.

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